My dream reader?!

Dream reader.. dream reader.. umm…

It took me hours to figure out who is that dream reader. And then… I gave up. I don’t know who is my dream reader.

“I don’t know” I use this phrase in a day more than I breathe. Sometimes I ask myself if it is even normal to be so confused ALL THE TIME. I guess it’s not, obviously it’s not.

Okay I should be focusing on Dream Reader. Well! what can I say I never have thought about that particular person reading my blog. Because I barely think before writing nor I write about something specific that would grab a lot of attention. But it’s okay.

And then… I realized what if it’s not just me. There are so many people who can’t decide right away on things and fight with their dilemmas even on the pettiest of issues. People who are not spontaneous, who have to spend like hours to choose one from those two ultra sexy dresses while shopping (I get it girls!); who may be… feel itsy-bitsy awkward around a bunch of people and besides trying so hard they fail to open up.

If you can relate, you’re not the only one because I am all the things stated above.

And then it occurred to me that my dream readers are all those random yet not so random people who have at some point felt the same way I feel and can relate to me not that i don’t want you to read if you can’t relate…you’re most welcome too 🙂


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