Hey there! It’s me…

I have been maintaining a personal journal since I was 11 or so. And I do that because I’m a very shy person…a total introvert.

But lately I have realized that it’s important for me to be a little more outgoing and get rid of my shyness. So, I thought blogs as a way to pour my thoughts out for the world to hear. Also, writing soothes me. All those things which I might not verbally be able to say, I can easily put them into words through writing.

I have recently started to post blogs and I’m not quite sure about what is that particular thing I should post about.So I generally write whatever I feel like writing.

Talking more about myself, well I’m a clumsy little girl whose hopelessly romantic. I’m a super pushover and lost in her own fantasies most of the time (like literally, I even tend to zone out at times). And honestly it’s getting hard for me to write more about myself as I’m still trying to figure it out.

Anyway… I hope that I’m able to connect with a lots of people through my blog and I hope that most of them like me and my blog of course. And I’m going to put this to an end here before I start with my babbling. 🙂



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