A message that he might NEVER get!


How are you?

This is funny… All this time I have been thinking to say so much to you but I’m all blank now.

I don’t think if you know how much you influence me, how much you move me. I have tried hating you…so hard! But it doesn’t go that way.

Every time something moves me and touches the core of my heart, it reminds me of how you made me feel.

I promised myself to never shed a tear for you. But every time it is about you I just can’t help.

I’m not so good with words and may be I had not been able to clearly define it to you how you made me feel and how I felt for you but deep inside I know that you knew it all the time. You knew how I felt (and you still do. don’t you?).

I don’t ask for you to come back. I never will.

But it’s those feelings. That bond… the words aren’t worth it.

I just want to thank you and I’m eternally grateful to you for making me feel that way.

Only a few are fortunate enough to have lived through those moments of exquisite feeling. And you made me realize all that.

They say, “True love is greater than worshiping God.” I happen to have lived it because of you.

So… Thank you, thank you for making me smile even when it’s the hardest thing to do. Because when I think of you it just doesn’t seem that bad at all.

Thank you for loving me! 🙂


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